Your rates at

Your rates are used to fund a wide range of services,

build and maintain facilities and run programs

in the local community.

Each year we ask our community to look

at our proposed budget.

It’s your chance to give us feedback

before we get to work.

For every $100 of

your rates, we spend...

Figures based on the 2023-24 budget.

Roads and footpaths - $33.51

Rubbish and waste - $10.35

Community safety - $9.73

Emergency and environmental management

Planning services

Local law and health

Parks and sporting facilities - $16.72

Parks and gardens

Sports, swimming and recreation

Community and family - $4.17

Maternal and child health

Youth services


Children’s services

Infrastructure and projects - $21.29

Community and economic support

- $1.97

Community support

Economic and community development

Bridges, car parks and drainage - $2.25

Around 60% of the money that we need to deliver all of this

comes from rates.

You can find out more about our planned spending for this

financial year in our current budget.

To find out more about your options for paying your rates,

visit our pay your rates page.